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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
A Soul Journey

Let Your Intuition Speak Out Loud!

    Jaclyn Durling

    What is that gut feeling telling me?

    Quantum Hypnosis is my passion.  If you have found me then you most likely know what QHHT is... 

    Just incase, We will be working with something that is so big and so amazing. A Universal Soul Connection, your Sub Conscious, Higher Self, Guides, Ancestors... This is possible.  We are all capable of tapping in to this universal consciousness that has the answers to everything. Each client gets what is appropriate for them at that time, anything is possible.  

    We work in the deepest level of trance being the Theta Brain Wave levels.  This is done by putting the body to sleep the natural way it does every night. While keeping the brain and the voice active.  It is an ancient technique that has been brought back to us in this time through the life long work of Dolores Cannon.  We continue her work and expand on it for the current times and as per the clients needs and requests.  There are no limits.

    This technique is guided by your visions and what you describe while in this state.  I am not suggesting anything that you will see.  This is a soul journey only you have the answers to.

    You will receive a recording of your session. 

    A past life, advice and healing from your own Soul Self.  What could be better!? 

    Please prepare a list of prioritized questions that you would like to inquire about.  

    We solve the root cause to many things leaving the bodily symptoms to be non existent!! **This is all individual based and differs as per the clients chosen path. 

    Bits Of The Universe Crystal Jewelry

    Sparkling Bits of Gaia‘s healing consciousness in subtle, light designs.  I create these from the heart with the best intentions for the wearer.  

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